Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio

Stil: Lambic - Gueuze
Alkoholhalt: 5 %
Kr / liter: 205.33 kr
APK: 0.24 ml/kr
Säljstart: 2018-11-18
Senast i lager: 2019-05-14
Artikelnr: 3759
Bryggeri: Brasserie Cantillon 4.1
Land: Belgien
Region: Bruxelles - Bruxelles-Capitale
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77:00 kr
Flaska 375ml
Butikens beskrivning
Sometimes referred to as Brussels Champagne, this authentic gueuze is brewed by Brasserie-Brouwerij Cantillon in scrupulous adherence to time-honoured tradition. A blend of one-, two- and three-year old Lambics, it is brewed using organic cereals to produce a masterly beer emblematic of Brussels.
Decked in brilliant gold leaning faintly towards orange, it is crowned with a modest white head.
Its class shines through in a symphony of fragrances composed of citrus (lemon puts in a strong solo performance), apricot and apple among other fruit.
Fruity notes of apple and lemon dance on the palate conducted by a delightful sourness. A chorus of flavours and melodic intensity make this beer unforgettable.
In this gueuze one can savour Cantillon's superior know-how perfected over more than a century. Those partial to a fuller body are bound to also enjoy Cantillon Kriek, another classic from the brewery.