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Goose Island Parka Porter

Stil: Porter - American
Alkoholhalt: 5.3 %
Kr / liter: 101.41 kr
APK: 0.52 ml/kr
Säljstart: 2019-02-21
Senast i lager: 2019-03-16
Artikelnr: 32839
Bryggeri: Goose Island Beer Co. 3.73
Land: USA
Region: Chicago - Illinois
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36:00 kr
Butikens beskrivning
This classic Porter by Chicago’s Goose Island is a real treat with deep chocolate and malt base-notes and a smoky astringency.
Pouring coffee colour with ruby highlights, and capped by a fine café-crème head, Parka Porter is full of classic cocoa notes, with a subtle earthy, woody note.
On the tongue there’s more cacao courtesy of the roasted malts, that give a nutty flavour and a delicious dryness that fills the palate perfectly.
Add to this a fine carbonation and burnt sugar bitterness and you have one extremely tasty Porter.