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Thomas Hardy’s Ale Golden Edition 50th Anniversary 2018

Stil: Barleywine - English
Alkoholhalt: 13 %
Kr / liter: 330.3 kr
APK: 0.39 ml/kr
Säljstart: 2019-01-25
Senast i lager: 2019-03-16
Artikelnr: 85051
Bryggeri: Meantime Brewing Company 3.85
Land: England
Region: City of London - London
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144:00 109:00 kr
Butikens beskrivning
Barley Wine with a deep amber color and bronze reflections. Close to the nose the bouquet is immediately impactful, intense and complex: notes of candied fruit and spirit, dried figs, fresh tobacco and chocolate, the feeling of caramel is perceived but remains in the background. In the mouth the first sensation is of incredible density and softness, a silky warmth that accompanies memories of bitter orange jam, dried fruit, chestnut honey. On the end emerges an acidulous and refreshing vein with a slightly hinted bitterness that gives it harmony and balance. To be appreciated immediately, but also to be kept in the cellar to enjoy its evolution over the years. The 2018 vintage celebrates the 50th anniversary of Thomas Hardy’s Ale, produced for the first time in 1968.
33 cl.
ABV 13 %
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