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Viven Blond

Stil: Blonde Ale
Alkoholhalt: 6.1 %
Kr / liter: 42.42 kr
APK: 1.44 ml/kr
Säljstart: 2018-11-16
Senast i lager: 2019-04-23
Artikelnr: 4325
Bryggeri: Brouwerij Van Viven 3.49
Land: Belgien
Region: Sijsele - West-Vlaanderen
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27:00 14:00 kr
Butikens beskrivning
Viven humbly presents this Viven Blond, created by the very founder of Viven: Willy de Lobel. This beer puts forward local products since it is brewed with Poperinge hops.
Poured in the glass, it displays a blonde colour topped by a very fine beige head. It challenges the nose with characteristic aromas of Belgian lagers, that is to say scents of yeast along with fruity and malty notes. It features lightly spicy flavours and relatively long-lasting bitterness. You’ll be delighted by this pleasant lager!
In the end, beginners like beer connoisseurs will enjoy tasting this beer, and maybe then they’ll be armed to taste the Viven Imperial IPA.
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